Minecraft Dungeons Arcade


Condition: New
Year Released: 2021
Dimensions: 72″ W x 68″ D x 117″ H
Weight: 840 lbs
Lead Time: End of February
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Product Description

Minecraft Dungeons Arcade for Sale

In Buy Minecraft Dungeons Arcade for Sale, up to four players use a diverse arsenal of melee and range weapons to battle through hordes of dangerous enemies and monstrous bosses across nine unique levels! With every play, the stunning cabinet vends one of 60 collectible cards that fit into one of five categories – Melee, Range, Armor, Pet or Skin – and can be used to customize the player’s adventure. With over 100 minutes of thrilling, fast-paced gameplay and 60 exclusive cards to collect, Minecraft Dungeons Arcade is the blockbuster, family-friendly title that will keep players of all ages coming back to your location time and time again!

Buy Minecraft Dungeons Arcade for Sale

The best-selling video game franchise of all time has come to the arcade. Buy Minecraft Dungeons Arcade for Sale is an epic, action-packed adaptation of the popular console and computer game Minecraft Dungeons, a multiplayer “dungeon crawler” set within the Minecraft universe.


  • Officially licensed from Microsoft and Mojang Studios.
  • With over 200 million copies sold and 126 million active monthly players, Minecraft is one of the most popular, powerful brands and licenses in the world.
  • Supports one to four players with a focus on co-operative play.
  • Nine exciting levels to explore – from the Frozen Fjord to the Fiery Forge – totaling more than 100 minutes of fun-filled gameplay!
  • Card-vending game with 60 different cards to collect!
  • Breathtaking cabinet features a 65” HD display, eye-catching LEDs, layered marquee and four card scanners and dispensers.
  • Ships with 2,800 cards and a stand-up promotional banner!
  • Connect online to CoinUp for free and automatically receive future software updates.

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