Skee-ball 1908 Alley

Condition: New
Dimensions: 30″ W x 121″ D x 78″ H
Weight: 725 lbs
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Product Description

Skee-ball 1908 Alley for Sale

Buy Skee-ball 1908 Alley for Sale, Meet the beautifully crafted 1908 alley, designed specifically for the home market. Engineered with the original  alley in mind, the pays homage to the launch of the first alley roller, patented in it. It’s both an enthusiast’s and a collector’s dream.

The 10-foot centennial alley boasts traditional colors, authentic flip display and pull handle activation lever. Entertain and amuse for years to come with this very special piece!

Buy Skee-ball 1908 Alley for Sale

Designed specifically for the home market, this game is made with the same care and quality as those original games. A hand lever releases the balls, which you simply roll down the 10′ lane to try and score as many points as you can before using up all of the balls. A mechanical flip score counter tracks your progress, but despite the simplicity, you’ll want to give this a spin again and again!

Add a piece of elegant history to your home game room with the bowler


– A true arcade classic, reproduced for today’s high tech world

– Elegant wood finish to present the same style and colors of the 1908 original

– Home-use, non-coin only operation

– 10′ deep lane

– Hand-lever releases the balls

– Five target holes to shoot for

– Mechanical flip scoreboard

– White LED lighting is used for one modern enhancement

Company does NOT offer inside delivery or assembly of the product.  Orders received for Product lanes with be changed to curbside delivery.

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