Duck Catcher Crane

Condition: New
Dimensions: 23″ W x 24″ D x 84″ H
Weight: 280 lbs
Lead Time: 6-8 weeks
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Product Description

Duck Catcher Crane for Sale


Buy Duck Catcher Crane for sale, Rubber ducky toys never go out of style and with this  crane machine by Coast To Coast Entertainment, you can offer a variety of small rubber duck animal toys at pretty much any location!

Buy Duck Catcher Crane for sale

At only 24″ wide, this compact crane is easy to install or move while packing in plenty of attraction to grab the user’s attention. It features brilliant cartoon style artwork and chasing LED lights in the corners. With a variety of rubber animal toys available, you can keep clients coming back for more as they seek to collect all of their favorite animals!


– Compact crane that can fit into just about any location. Great for homes too!

– Cartoon style Backlit Topper & Extended Top cut out sign!

– Flashing/chasing color LED lights built into the front corners

– 2 finger scoop claw (ask about different claws)

– Play-Until-You Win built-in!

– Easy-to-use joystick/button controls

– 3 Point Locking System to keep the machine secure

– Digital music plays on occasion during the attract mode and during gameplay

– Locking caster wheels

– Ships with a standard single slot coin mechanism; card swipe ready does NOT offer inside delivery or assembly on this Crane. Orders received for this Catcher Crane will be changed to curbside delivery

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