Nerf Arcade


Condition: New
Year Released: 2019
Dimensions: 58″ W x 106″ D x 95″ H
Weight: 750 lbs
Lead Time: End of April
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Product Description

Nerf Arcade For Sale

Buy Nerf Arcade Game for Sale, Nerf™ Arcade is a high-energy, fast-paced game that is exciting for kids of all ages and family-friendly. Players grab hold of two oversized NERF Blasters and shoot as many targets as possible to win tickets or reach a high score.

Nerf guns have long played a role in American culture, since the soft gun toys first appeared in households in the 1970’s. Now you can enjoy using virtual Nerf at your local arcade with Raw Thrills‘ Nerf Arcade.

Nerf Arcade packs in the fun for 1-2 players, offering soft dart target blasting action over four different levels. Colorful targets appear on the screen, some are static while others will move around. Hit as many targets as you can before the timer runs out to progress!

Buy Nerf Arcade Game for Sale

Nerf Arcade comes with two built-in game modes: ticket redemption (default) and amusement-only mode. In the latter, you play for points & the high score instead of tickets. In either mode, players can also share their scores online through Raw Thrills’ High Score website, where they can win additional prizes such as T-shirts!

Play alone and concentrate on getting the highest score possible, or team up with a friend and smash up as many targets as you can see. The speedy gameplay ensures that you’ll barely stop shooting all the way through each level, so the adrenaline is bound to get pumping.


  • 4 Exciting Levels
  • Family friendly gameplay
  • Giant 65″ LCD Screen
  • Online Leaderboards

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