Boxer Fire Arcade


Condition: New
Dimensions: 28″ W x 49″ D x 88″ H
Weight: 490 lbs
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Product Description

Boxer Fire Arcade for Sale

Buy Boxer Fire Arcade for Sale, the core game is just what players expect when they approach a boxing game – hit the punching bag as hard as you can for the highest number of points. With support for multiple players, this drives users to compete against each other for the best score! Enhance your game further with options like a capsule or ticket dispenser. Custom artwork is also available at an additional cost if you are looking to widen your brand appeal.

Fire up those fists as you take a shot at Kalkomat’s proven earner, Fire Boxer!

Buy Boxer Fire Arcade for Sale

The Fire Boxer also comes with features that are standard for Kalkomat. This includes 4 different game modes to drive replay value (Power, Speed, Reflex and a Tournament mode that handles up to six players), a free play mode and an “unbreakable record” setting. With great sound effects and several upgrade choices, this is a machine that will pay itself off quickly and continue earning for a long time to come

Boxer Fire Arcade Features:

– High quality punching bag & bladder with padding in front of the bar for safety.

– 4 Game Modes Available: Power, Speed, Reflex & Tournament

– Supports up to six players

– Large red numerical LED scoring display with smaller displays showing each player’s individual score

– Double layer front panel for machine protection

– Extra secure cash box

– Operator options include a free play mode, unbreakable record, manual or automatic high score resets and more

– Features numerous warning labels on the machine to cover any legal bases.

– Ships with a single slot coin mechanism

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