Hurricane Simulator Arcade


Condition: New
Dimensions: 39″ W x 60″ D x 87″ H
Weight: 861 lbs
Lead Time: 8-10 weeks
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Product Description

Hurricane Simulator Arcade for Sale

Buy Hurricane Simulator Arcade for Sale,Step inside and get blown away, without the worry of physical danger in Coast To Coast Entertainment’s Hurricane Simulator series (also branded as the ‘Hurricane Tunnel’).

Buy Hurricane Simulator Arcade for Sale

With each simulator, players get to experience what a Category 1 Hurricane feels like, without the danger of flying debris, rising tides, horizontal rain or other dangers. A 42″ LCD screen shows animations of hurricane destruction while also showing the current MPH of the wind effect. In any of these simulators, it’s all for fun and that equals a big profit for operators!


-Unique attraction to any location: Arcade, Bar, Mall, Grocery Store, etc.-Feel winds up to 75 MPH (Category 1 Hurricane)– Excellent way to cool off as well, making it a great product in warm regions or during the Summer-Vertically mounted 42″ LCD monitor shows the client what the current wind speed is along with animations of physical destruction

-Durable all-steel construction; shaped plexiglass for the door to avoid issues of shattering glass

-Amazing ROI for the footprint!

-Add your own smoke machine for an additional special effect!

-Ready to have a Dollar Bill Acceptor OR a Credit Card Reader installed (extra cost, please call)

Company does NOT offer inside delivery or assembly . Orders received for Hurricane Simulator Arcade will be changed to curbside delivery.

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