Skillshot FX Virtual Pinball Machine

Condition: New
Year Released: 2021
Dimensions: 30.5″ W x 62″ D x 79″ H
Weight: 270 lbs
Lead Time: In Stock – Ready to Ship!
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Product Description

Skillshot FX Virtual Pinball Machine for Sale

Buy Skillshot FX Virtual Pinball for Sale , with a 21st century twist. From the same manufacturer as the wildly popular Skee-Ball, Skillshot FX digital pinball offers the all-ages fun of a retro favorite, reimagined, in a size that fits your space – game room, playroom or finished basement. Fully equipped with 96 ready-to-play well-known pinball tables (see list below) and combined with Wi-Fi connectivity, Buy Skillshot FX Virtual Pinball for Sale is virtually future-proofed and maintenance free, bringing home hours of entertainment in a premium, space saving design.

Buy Skillshot FX Virtual Pinball for Sale

Showcasing a 55” full HD playfield display atop a stunning Merapi wood-grain cabinet, the casual player and “pinhead” alike will find themselves totally immersed in a one-of-a-kind experience where characters come to life. Boba Fett jumps from platform to platform, Spiderman glides across your gameplay, and no two plunger launch is ever the same. And while it appears visually striking, the feel of the game play itself is the hidden “wow” factor, with sounds and haptics that feel just like a classic pinball table. A playable work of art. Or in pinball lingo: flippin’ awesome.

Machine Features:

  • Modern, sleek cabinet with Merapi wood grain finish.
  • 55″ full HD 2K playfield display monitor, with 32” full HD 1080p back glass monitor.
  • Includes 96 pre-installed unique pinball tables, powered by Pinball FX3 by Zen Studios, including William’s Pinball classics modeled after the original designs, Star Wars, Marvel, Universal, Fox, Bethesda, and more!
  • Real mechanical flipper feedback – the ‘klack’ of the flipper and the arcade quality BOSS speaker sound, make for a real deal pinball feel.
  • Equipped with arcade quality sound system for full, interactive, all cabinet sound experience.
  • Authentic pinball launch and flipper buttons.
  • Ambient, under cabinet and speaker LED “glow” lighting.
  • Equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing for unlimited future software updates, multiplayer matchups, user generated tournaments, league play, and more. Free “Steam” account required. Please note that an internet connection is required for initial set up of this product.
  • Requires minimal consumer assembly.

Specs/Additional Features:

  • Full color simulated DMD in backglass monitor
  • Digital Launch Button
  • Haptic Feedback Package: 2 solenoids, Subwoofer, Bass Transducer
  • Side mounted button for nudging to simulate a table “bump”
  • AMD FX8800P processor, 240GB Solid State Drive
  • 8GB RAM
  • GTX 1050TI 4GB Graphics Card for the Playfield
  • Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit (comes preinstalled)
  • Sound is provided by a pair of 4” Coaxial Speakers, 8” Subwoofer, Dayton Bass transducer
  • 3 dedicated audio amplifiers for each component (non-adjustable)
  • All Cabinet Hardware is CNC cut brand new
  • Unique style from control panel with custom navigation panel and illuminated power, mode, and launch buttons
  • Approximately 200 pounds
  • At least two people required for assembly.


Company does NOT offer inside delivery with assembly on Skillshot FX. Inside delivery with assembly orders received for Skillshot FX will be changed to curbside delivery or inside delivery (no assembly).

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