Starwars Premium Pinball Machine by Stern


Condition: New
Year Released: 2017
Dimensions: 29″ W x 58″ D x 76″ H
Weight: 250 lbs
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Product Description

Starwars Premium Pinball Machine for Sale

Buy Starwars Premium Pinball Machine for sale Designed by Steve Ritchie. Also, the game focuses on the original Starwars trilogy.In addition,the game will immerse players in the dynamic and challenging Starwars pinball environment as they battle to restore justice to the Galaxy. More so, stern’s Starwars Premium Edition machines are packed with features that provide an irresistible game experience.

The game includes select speech and footage from the original Star Wars trilogy; color-changing LED-lighted inserts; a sculpted LED-lit Millennium Falcon; and a sculpted TIE Fighter. The Premium model also feature two LCD screens, an exploding Death Star interactive display, and a hyperspace ramp.

Buy Starwars Premium Pinball Machine for Sale

The playfield is dripping with Star Wars goodies. The Death Star toy breaks apart and physically explodes, whilst the TIE Fighter can be buffeted and even shot down by your laser fire.

Exclusive to the Premium and Limited Edition versions of this iconic table is the Hyperdrive wireform circuit! The Jump Ramp fires your ball into the circuit, where the Ball Accelerator propels it around the circuit at some of the highest speeds ever recorded in a pinball machine!

Fully Interactive Playfield

The Star Wars Premium features all of your favourite characters from the first three films. Complete special missions including Battle Above Endor, Escape From Hoth and Escape From Tatooine. Unlock the Jedi Multiball, and Use The Force…

With the original John Williams soundtrack reproduced in full, this is a collectible machine for any Star Wars fan. We’ll update this listing with new information as we receive it.

Connectivity Hardware Included

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