Pink Panther Redemption Arcade

Condition: New
Dimensions: 40″ W x 54″ D x 86″ H
Weight: 446 lbs
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Product Description

Pink Panther Redemption Arcade For Sale

Buy Pink Panther Redemption Arcade for Sale, Based on the famous movie and cartoon series, Pink Panther Jewel Heist is officially licensed and sure to generate excitement in your arcade and family entertainment center.

  • Game play is straight forward, snatch the Pink Panther jewel and race to the bottom floor to escape Inspector Clouseau and win tickets!
  • Featuring quick and intuitive joystick game play with an awesome eye catching cabinet design

Buy Pink Panther Redemption Arcade for Sale

He’s the sneakiest animated thief there is and now the Pink Panther is hunting for valuable jewels in Pink Panther Jewel Heist! Based on the cartoon & movies that carry the Pink Panther name, Jewel Heist is an officially licensed title that is a perfect piece for your arcade or family entertainment center.

Following a classic gameplay formula, you control the Pink Panther as he descends the floors in a 100 floor building, grabbing coins and avoiding police patrols along the way. You can’t linger on a floor for too long as the moving Deadly Laser never stops trying to catch up with you. Escape with the jewel by reaching the bottom to win the Jewel Bonus jackpot!


– Exclusive to arcades and officially licensed with the Pink Panther property

– Easy to learn, difficult to master style play as you collect coins for tickets

– Single joystick & no button control; easy to play for all ages!

– Alluring pink & purple cabinet with great themed artwork and tasteful use of LED lighting

– Vertically mounted 42″ HD display

– Operator adjustable ticket payout settings

– Ships with a standard 2-slot coin door & ticket dispenser

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