Milk Jug Toss Redemption Arcade

Condition: New
Dimensions: 35″ W x 120″ D x 109″ H
Weight: 800 lbs
Lead Time: Built to Order: 4-6 weeks
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Product Description

Milk Jug Toss Redemption Arcade for Sale

Buy Milk Jug Toss Redemption Arcade for Sale, The all time carnival hit is now a redemption game. Players skillfully toss the balls into the milk jug or surrounding holes to win tickets. The interactive Carny voice heckles and entertains players, while they shoot for the Super Bonus by getting all the balls in the jug. Life-like carnival top, LED lit playfield, and optional Bonus marquee make this classic midway game an anchor piece for any locations skill wall.

Buy Milk Jug Toss Redemption Arcade for Sale

Sporting a beautifully designed cabinet that reflects its “Travelling” roots, Milk Jug Toss features a large traditional “Milk Jug” for the big points target and two levels of secondary targets for the player to score additional points. Take the available black golf balls and toss them into the targets. The more points you get, the more tickets you win! It’s another great concept that is easy to learn but difficult to master!


– Carnival style game is easy for users of all ages to enjoy

– Attractive and bright game cabinet with a large red numerical LED display to show the score

– Toss the balls into the targets within the time limit. Features an automatic ball loading system

– Hit the large Milk Jug style canister in the back for big points!

– Targets are decorated with pre-determined score values. The harder it is to hit, the more points it is worth!

– Over 50 sound effects to add to the attraction

– Target holes features LED lighting for an additional light show

– Ticket dispenser included; ships with a standard 2-slot coin door

– Add more than one unit to your location to incentivize competitive play, just like an alley bowler!

– OPTIONAL: Deluxe Marquee for pairing multiple units together for a Mega Jackpot bonus!

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