Metallica Pro Pinball Machine by Stern


Condition: Refurbished
Year Released: 2013
Dimensions: 28″ W x 56″ D x 77″ H
Weight: 250 lbs
Lead Time: 8-10 weeks
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Product Description

Metallica Pro Pinball Machine for Sale

The Metallica Pro Pinball Machine  for sale Which includes 12 ‘Tallica songs alongside, “Master of Puppets,” “One,” and “Fade To Black”.  Furthermore, it has features like the electric chair, snake, grave markers and alot more. It also features bells and whistles as well as art by “our friend Dirty Donny”.

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This is a team up that will go down in the realms of history – the great Stern pinball have combined with arguably the most successful hard rock band ever to produce the incredible Stern Metallica pinball table. This incredible pinball features a fully artworked cabinet incorporating the Metallica logo, plenty of ramps and targets for an addictive and thrilling game, plus 12 classic music tracks. It as well Includes stainless steel ramps to highlight the Metallica’s standing as the kings of metal along with the fast pinball action. So what are you waiting for, buy the Metallica Pro Pinball machine from us and have your subsequent nights filled with fun.

Game Features

  • Electric chair with animated “Sparkey” figurine
  • Ball eating snake with a ball ejecting mechanism
  • Illuminated grave marker
  • Stainless steel shooter lane ramp
  • Stainless steel left & right ball ramps with illuminated Metallica logo
  • Wire formed left and right ramps – (feed back to flippers)
  • Grave Marker 3 in a line drop targets
  • 2 x FUEL stand up targets
  • Captive ball target assembly with stand up target
  • 4 x Guitar stand up targets
  • Electric chair stand up target
  • FUEL Start stand up target
  • Grave Marker ball magnet
  • Electric Chair ball magnet
  • Power scoop ball eject
  • 12 Classic music tracks
  • Band member custom speech tracks
  • Metallic Pro Hi-def themed cabinet
  • Traditional coin door

Metallica Pro Pinball Machine Product Details:

Width: 70 cm / 28 inches
Length: 140 cm / 55 inches
Height: 190 cm / 75 inches
Weight: 115 kg / 254 lbs

You can reserve this machine by paying a fee of $1000

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