Nitro Trucks Offroad Racing Arcade


Condition: New
Year Released: 2020
Dimensions: 43″ W x 82″ D x 94″ H
Weight: 850 lbs
Lead Time: End of March
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Product Description

Nitro Trucks Offroad Racing Arcade For Sale

Buy Nitro Trucks Offroad Racing Arcade for Sale, Smash your way to victory in Nitro Trucks® – a rowdy offroad racing game from the team that brought you MotoGP! Select from 14 upgradeable trucks and get ’em dirty on 6 exciting tracks. Pick up power-ups to repair your vehicle and earn nitro boosts – then hit the RAM button to show your opponents who’s boss! An immersive cabinet design puts you in the driver’s seat – complete with roll cage, 5.1 surround sound speakers, LED lighting, and force feedback steering wheel. Connect up to 8 games for a rip-roarin’ good time!

It’s time to put the pedal to the metal and ram your way to victory in Nitro Trucks by Play Mechanix/Raw Thrills!

Buy Nitro Trucks Offroad Racing Arcade for Sale

Nitro Trucks comes to us from the same team that created MotoGP, but instead of riding a motorcycle, you’re in command of a powerful 4×4 truck. Choose from fourteen different trucks (each with an available Truck Upgrade for a meaner look and more speed) to race across six blazing offroad tracks. Each course is a closed circuit, demanding the player to reach 1st place by the time that they finish the final lap.

Nitro Trucks comes in a colorful game cabinet that is patterned after the Cruis’n Blast cabinets, but changed just enough to stand out on it’s own. Behind each player seat is a partial enclosure made to look like a truck. Here, certain highlight pieces of t

Game Features:

  • Link up to 8 cabinets
  • 14 racking trucks and teams
  • 6 thrilling offroad tracks
  • 2 power-ups: Nitro Boost and Repair
  • Eye-catching cabinet design
  • Force feedback steering wheel
  • Rumbling 5.1 surround sound
  • Player camera puts you in the game

Company does NOT offer inside delivery or assembly on this Arcade. Orders received for this product will be changed to curbside delivery.

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