Indianapolis 500 Pinball Machine by Bally

Condition: Refurbished
Year Released: 1995
Dimensions: 28″ W x 56″ D x 77″ H
Weight: 250 lbs
Lead Time: 8-10 weeks
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Product Description

Indianapolis 500 Pinball Machine for Sale

Buy Indianapolis 500 Pinball Machine for Sale game has no sink-holes and many targets and is one of the first pinball machines to feature light up targets. Such an object is a square plastic target, that is a little larger than one of the RIVER targets in White Water, or the REPAIR targets in Doctor Who and divided into four quadrants. Each quadrant can light up. The targets are completed if they are hit 4 times. A hard to find, limited production racing theme pinball by Bally. This is a fun, family-friendly machine based on Indianapolis 500.

Buy Indianapolis 500 Pinball Machine for Sale

The playfield is in very good condition and the cabinet colors are bright and not faded. This pin has been shopped with the playfield cleaned and waxed. All burnt bulbs and all worn rubbers have been changed. It plays great. All functions have been checked by a trained technician. We warranty the electronic PCBs for 30 days. Simply return for free replacement or repair. Rare opportunity to own this desirable pin.


Dennis Nordman created this machine for Bally in 1995. Indianapolis 500 features a deep ruleset that revolves around advancing through the race by completing the Speedway; advancing your Position; making the Lite-Ups; and going through as many Laps as possible to go for a Victory Lap. While the machine has a low run, it is admired by enthusiasts today for its blending of theme with a large amount of unique toys and features.

Game Features:

  • Flippers (3)
  • Pop bumpers (3)
  • Multiball
  • Autoplunger
  • digital game in DMD

All of our refurbished pinball machines go through our extensive refurbishing process.

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