Shelti Pro Foos III Foosball Table

$2,199 – $2,499

Condition: New
Dimensions: 55″ W x 30″ D x 36″ H
Weight: 375 lbs
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Product Description

Shelti Pro FoosIII Foosball Table for Sale

 Buy Shelti Pro FoosIII Foosball for Sale is available as a coin-operated model, or for the home. All Shelti foosball tables feature the materials, construction and durability found in commercial use tables, including; solid-core legs, centerless ground urathane balls and patented Shelti counterbalanced man. Additional options include special orders for custom laminates, and chrome finish or our unique high performance QPQ™ double-heat treated rods. Designed for competition level players and recreation locations.

Buy Shelti Pro FoosIII Foosball for Sale

The Shelti Pro Foos 3 is a great quality table with a heavy cabinet design. Shelti is known for making American style foosball tables that offer fast action and complex foosball shots. The Pro Foos 3 is one of their top of the line tables that has all of the expensive and high-end parts you need to master the game. With wooden handles, pointed toe design on the foosball men, a side ball return so you can easily practice and have the balls come back to you, and a solid top surface, this table is a very sought after table among foosers.


  • Split Cabinet
  • Counterbalanced Men
  • Hardwood Octagonal Handles
  • Side Ball Return
  • Rattle Board Sounds goal made
  • 3-Man Goalie
  • 1½” Nylon-6 Rod Bushings
  • Machine-Trued, Hollowed Steel Rods .156″ Thick
  • Permanent, QPQ Steel-Penetrating Rod Treatment
  • High Strength ABS Construction Men
  • Precisely Sized & Angled Foot
  • Double-Wound Spirol Pins
  • “Stay-In-Play” Field Trim
  • Ball Server with “Ball Hold” Recess
  • Unique “Lock-On-Men” Compression Bumpers
  • Full-Perimeter Playfield Support
  • Injection Molded, Grit-Abraded Urethane Yellow Balls
  • Assembly Required

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